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Dátum: 15.05.2015



"That's only your problem." Redkit retorted. "Alright." Fallenfeather meowed and invited the kits inside. Russetkit stayed where she was. She had heard this story too many times. Back by the lake a ThunderClan leader Slatestar had to ask ShadowClan to join their two clans together because Twolegs have destroyed most of ThunderClan territory and turned it into a preyless moor. The ShadowClan leader Stormstar agreed, but under one condition: the ThunderClan cats will accept ShadowClan ways and traditions and their leader will give up his nine lives. The agreement is made, but ShadowClan warriors soon demand the clan is renamed, as it is not ShadowClan anymore. Stormstar than names the new clan after herself, StormClan. Russetkit was in no mood to listen to Fallenfeather, so she trotted back in the direction of the nursery only to stop when she spotted her older brothers Yellowpaw and Barkpaw outside the apprentices' den. She changed to them and crashed into the brown mottled tom. "Watch your steps!" Barkpaw hissed in surprise. "Sorry." Russetkit meowed and leapt away. Barkpaw stood up and started grooming his pelt. "Why aren't you with your littermates?" He asked between licks. "Fallenfeather is telling them the story of beginning of StormClan and I just don't want to hear it again." Russetkit explained. "I was wandering if you could show me the hunter's crouch again?" She asked hopefully. "I don't think we should be teaching such a young kit." Barkpaw looked doubtful, but Yellowpaw nodded in agreement to Russetkit. "It's just the hunter's crouch. And after all, Russetkit is almost as big as a newly made apprentice." Russetkit's tail shot straight up as she watched Yellowpaw drop down and start stalking forwards. When he finished he waved his tail for Russetkit to try. The tiny she-kit crouched down. "Like this?' She asked. The two apprentices circled her and murmured under their breaths. Yellowpaw pushed her hind legs closer together and Barkpaw lowered her tail. "Pretty good." He commented. "Now, try moving forwards. Remember, hind legs close to your belly, keep your body as low as possible without touching the ground and down move your tail." Russetkit nodded and took a step forward. One paw at a time she moved slowly to her imaginary prey. Keeping herself as low as she thought possible, she gathered her legs beneath her quietly and leapt at a small rock. She missed it by less than a mouse-length, but still sat up proudly. "Wow! You jump like an apprentice already!" Barkpaw gasped. "Well, I had very good mentors." The fluffy she-kit responded. Her brothers let out slight purrs of pride. "But we aren't supposed to be mentoring you." Barkpaw meowed and shifted his paws uncomfortably. "It doesn't matter. But still thanks!" Russetkit yowled over her shoulder and she pelted to her littermates. Fallenfeather has just finished his story when Russetkit joined them.

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