SOM TU-Dôležité

Ak tu si, napíš do príspevkov. Stačí iba raz napísať: Som tu!. Toto platí do Konca APRÍLA 2014!!! Ak niekto do vtedy nenapíše, jeho účet bude zrušený!!! Nebudem odpisovať, ale ja si zapíšem kto tu je a v Januáry vymažem tých, čo sem nenapísali! :)
K this is a really weird cat


Dátum: 19.02.2015



It is a cold autumn evening today. I walk down the path to my house. The school was hard, and I'm not paying attention to my surroundings, untill a small sand-colored blur is running from the direction of my home down into the woods. My house is next to some tiny woods. There are some deer, but I think that's all. A footpath leads down the hill right next to it. Shaking my head I realize that the sandy ball of fur was actually my sister's dog. How did he got out of the garden? I think. By the time I'm by the open garden door, my dog, Matti, is long gone. I put a rock in the door's way so he will have a way back to the garden. This isn't the first or the last time he had escaped. He always returned soon after he ran away. So I'm not worried that much about him. Me real problem is being inside my house with the garden door wide open for anything to come in. Inclueding that stupid dog. Walking inside along a stone path I hear a happy mew, and a black-and-white cat emerged from the bushes lining the path. She padded to me and I bowed to pet her. It is Fllo. A cat we found as a two week old kitten in the middle of the winter and gave her shelter. I open our house door and walk in, closely followed by Fllo's silent paw-steps. I shut the door behind us. I take off my jacket and my boots and go get something to eat. I only had time to eat one slice of bread when I hear a dog barking outside. I find myself hurrying to the door. But it's not a sand-colored furball that's waiting just outside the door.

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